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Building a Sustainable Garden Shed | Jessica Bliss of shedplans.org

There is often a misunderstanding that building a “green” or “environmentally-friendly” shed is the same as building a sustainable one. While closely related, there are distinct differences between the two. Building an environmentally-friendly structure involves using means that will not hurt the environment. However, building sustainably has even higher standards and is not only about […]

What are the top 5 YouTube green building education sessions of 2019? 

If we had to summarize the sessions it’s that people are craving all-electric net-zero homes that are built from natural and healthier building materials. We hope to see this exciting trend continue into 2020 and will work to bring in speakers, thought leaders, and courses around these topics. Here is a summary of our top […]

Will Gallmeyer, Green Projects Group joins GHI Board of Directors in 2019, Elected Treasurer

Will is President at Green Projects Group, currently focusing on LED lighting supply. His background is in utility rebate programs, residential energy auditing, and construction/remodeling. He is passionate about affordable housing, energy efficiency, natural building, and cooperation. He is also on boards at Circle Pines Center and Fountain Street Church. His wife, Samantha, is passionate […]

Kay T. Rose, Hope Network Housing Development Corp joins GHI Board of Directors in 2019

Kay Rose, a West Michigan native, has an extensive background in professional administration and customer service in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She brings an overall understanding of business and a passion for being environmentally conscious to the Board. Always looking to learn more about green building options, she is excited to join efforts […]