Pearl Residence Achieves LEED Platinum

LEED For Homes Milestone – Over 8,100 homes certified!

It’s been 13 years now since we (formerly AES) were named one of the original USGBC LEED for Homes providers. Since that time we have helped certify over 8,000 units, 1,700 projects and trained or with over 50 LEED Green Raters. We are thrilled to continue to ensure homes are built more efficient, health, durable and overall better through the new versions of V4 & V4.1. Make sure your next residential building project new or renovation is LEED certified by learning more here

435 LaGrave Apartments at Tapestry Square goes LEED Gold Certified

Well House LEED Gold Gut Rehab uses housing first model to help homeless

MN Net Zero Victorian Gut Rehab Officially is Certified Net Zero Energy

Grand Traverse Habitat For Humanity Depot Neighborhood goes LEED Platinum & Zero Energy

Burh Becc @ Beacon Springs LEED Platinum & Zero Energy Capable Certified