From Control Layers to High-Performance Enclosures – Free CE Webinar

High-performance enclosure systems are fundamental to efficient, durable, healthy, sustainable, and resilient homes — especially in demanding climates. This session will dive into the critical functions and attributes of the four key control layers: thermal, water, air, and vapor. Then using these principles, we will look at leading high-performance enclosure strategies and along with specific applications for slab, foundation, wall, and roof assemblies.

Continuing Education Units (CEUS) 1 hour in

Green Building Certificate Institute (GBCI)
Building Performance Institute (BPI) NonWholeHouse
American Institute of Architects – AIA (HSW) 
Certified Green Professional (NARI & CGP)
Certified GreenHome Professional (CGHP)

State Architect / Builder License may be applicable

Lessons Learned

– Understand the critical role and attributes of thermal, water, air, and vapor control layers
– Understand the critical relationship between layers and the importance of the order or sequence of the layers
– Be able to identify each control layer on the construction drawings
– Recognize the proper application of these layers to a slab, foundation, wall or roof assembly

Session sponsor:

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Instructor: Patrick Huelman – University of Minnesota 

Pat Huelman is an Associate Extension Professor in Energy and Building Systems with the University of Minnesota’s Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering and serves as Coordinator of the Cold Climate Housing Program with the University of Minnesota Extension. He is a lead faculty member for the Building Science and Technology undergraduate degree program and a principal investigator for hygrothermal testing at the Cloquet Residential Research Facility. Currently, Pat is the Project Lead for NorthernSTAR, one of the Department of Energy’s Building America teams.

Pat has been extremely active in professional education for the home building industry and is nationally recognized for his “systems approach” to improving overall home performance. Pat’s long-term focus has been on heat, air, and moisture movement in buildings and his primary expertise is in building systems and technologies that will provide energy efficiency, long-term durability, and healthy indoor air for homes. With more than 30 years in the field, Pat brings extensive experience and expertise in energy-efficient design and construction, innovative building systems, moisture management strategies, mechanical ventilation, and residential indoor air quality.