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ENERGY STAR for HomesBuilders of ENERGY STAR for Homes will need to learn more about Energy Star v2.5 going into effect January 1, 2011, as it leads us to v3.0 as well as Energy Star Indoor Air Quality options. Changes are coming – now is the time to learn how those changes impact your building model for 2011. Especially with the integration of ESv3 into the new LEED for Homes 2012 requirements.


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Title Date and time Overview
ENERGY STAR Version 2.5 for Builders Wednesday, December 1, 2010; 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET Learn about the transitional specification, Version 2.5, in which homes must follow the Version 3 requirements with some exceptions in order to increase the rigor of the specifications while helping partners successfully adapt to the complete Version 3 guidelines. This webinar will focus on the technical details of v2.5, the implementation timeline and new resources from ENERGY STAR.
Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR v3 Wednesday, December 15, 2010; 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET ENERGY STAR has helped transform the homebuilding market for energy efficiency. Now, ENERGY STAR Version 3 is rolling out and Indoor airPLUS is a pathway for one of the four inspection checklists. Learn how the Indoor airPLUS verification checklist can be completed as an avenue for the Water Management System Builder checklist. This webinar will focus on the details of the checklist and the increased emphasis of indoor air quality and moisture management in ENERGY STAR Version 3.
ENERGY STAR 101: Introduction for Builders Wednesday, January 12, 2011; 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET Learn how ENERGY STAR can help homebuilders eliminate competition from existing homes, compete more effectively against other builders, and reduce risk. Builders who join this session will learn how they can use ENERGY STAR to build better homes and sell them more effectively, in addition to how they can get started with ENERGY STAR.
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