Webinar: Materials Matter – Design Trends for a Sustainable Future

Wood is an abundant, affordable and renewable, natural resource.  Using scientific analysis through internationally standardized Life Cycle Assessment methodology, the significance of carbon is changing the way buildings are being built around the world.  Greater Logo for Woodworksobjectivity in ‘green’ disclosure is being realized through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), resulting in greater recognition of wood’s benefits which include durability, fire performance, moisture resistance, and a positive impact on human health, in addition to sustainability.  From six-story mid-rise, to 30-story wood composite structures, to Olympic ice arenas, and wood bridges with 100-year service lives, the world of wood today is an exciting display of creativity and innovation.  Diverse projects from around the world demonstrate and inspire an unprecedented collaboration of materials destined to influence building professionals for decades to come.

Cheryl A. Ciecko, AIA, ALA, LEED AP, CSI, GGP
Midwest Regional Director
WoodWorks USA

An architect for over 25 years and Senior Technical Director for the Wood Products Council non-profit initiative ‘WoodWorks’ since 2008, Cheryl is an experienced and dynamic speaker with a passion for excellence, innovation and informed sustainable design. Specialties include low carbon and sustainable design, green building rating systems, moisture, mold and decay issues in buildings, as well as wood products selection, technical wood resources and forest resources throughout the world.Cheryl is a licensed architect in Illinois, with a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Illinois with High Honors and a Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota. Cheryl has also studied in France and China. Cheryl is an elected member of the Board of Directors for the Association of Licensed Architects in Illinois and appointed member on the Sustainability Committee for the International Code Council.Topic Specialties: Wood construction, moisture, mold and decay in buildings, Heavy Timber Construction/Timber Frame, Green Building Rating Systems, Worldwide Green Building initiatives, Wood/Forestry Industry & Green/Sustainable Design Solution

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  • 1 AIA – LU|HSW
  • 1 NARI Green
  • 1 MI Contractor (Code & Green)
  • 1 MI Architect
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