Miner Residence goes beyond LEED Gold to All Electric Zero Carbon Certified

The Miner Residents achieved LEED for Homes Gold Certification over a decade ago, building above even today’s energy code. Yet, they were still determined to go further by going all-electric in their home, buying an electric car, adding solar, and achieving the GHI Zero Carbon Certification in 2020 – 2022. It shows that all homes are a work in progress, and we can always achieve greater sustainability.

Their Zero Carbon Certification, which does not require looking at vehicle usage, was also extended to their electric vehicle usage, which they included in their report for 2 of 3 years.  You can see more details on that here. 

The Miners continue to educate the public about what they did and what others can do by being involved in their local sustainability group and participating in the national home solar tour. One can already see their influence as more solar continues to spring up in the neighborhood.

Learn more about the details of their project here and watch a video tour of their home.

Energy Features

  • 8 Blocks of Renewable Energy Credits from the Consumers Energy Solar Garden Program
  • Induction Cooktop
  • 8.7 kW Solar PV array
  • All Electric as of mid-2021
  • Electric Car Charger and Vehicle added
  • Geothermal heat pump; no fossil fuels used for heating
  • Desuperheater for hot water when geothermal unit running
  • Programmable thermostats in two zones
  • Energy recovery ventilator to condition and filter incoming air
  • Insulated Concrete Forms used for basement and lower walls to improve insulation
  • Sealed wall joints and windows to minimize leakage (highest “blower door” test)
  • 5-Star Home Energy Rating (53 HERS), R20+ in walls, R35+ in ceilings, and sealing
  • Passive solar heating from clerestory windows, which allow only winter sun
  • Low-e, gas filled windows throughout
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting throughout
  • Energy-Star appliances throughout

Resource Conserving:

  • No irrigation in lawn
  • Limited grass to minimize mowing
  • Extensive use of native plants in prairie setting
  • Reclaimed near-brownfield dump site
  • Engineered floor joists to conserve trees
  • Finger-jointed wall studs to conserve trees
  • Floor plan optimized to minimize scraps of lumber, especially flooring
  • Bamboo floors in upper level; concrete floors in lower level
  • Metal siding is made of partially recycled steel and is recyclable
  • Low-emitting paints, coatings and other materials
  • Low volume flush toilets and showerheads
  • Rain barrels to capture water for gardening
  • Wildlife Certified Yard
  • Not-So-Big House design philosophy to minimize resource consumption

The home is located right in downtown Rockford Michigan with great walkability to get to downtown, parks, trails, and many amenities.

Project Team Details 

Builder – Raymar Homes 
HVAC – B&B Mechanical
HERS / LEED Rating – The Home Inspector General

Project Basics 

Project Type: Single Family

Project Certification Details 

Certification Program: LEED For Homes Gold V2008 & GHI Zero Carbon Certified 2020 – 2022
HERS Index Rating: 53

HERS Report*

*Project would score better if rescored with upgrades