Webinar: Natural Building Materials in Cold & Wet Climates

HIJY-diningAre natural, locally or regionally sourced, non toxic, bio-based wall assemblies possible in the cold weather climate regions of the US? How can strawbale be effective without causing mold, moisture, and durability issues? Can clay be incorporated into a design and still avoid moisture, rot and mold issues?

This webinar will provide an understanding of two fundamental natural materials: straw and clay. It will also describe material properties and a methodology for using each of them appropriately in cold, wet climates.

SigiAbout the Presenter
Sigi Koko is the principal designer at Down to Earth Design, which she founded in 1998 to help her clients manifest their dreams of living in a natural, healthy home. She translates each client’s vision into a unique building design that reflects their personality & lifestyle, while responding to the surrounding landscape & climate. Sigi’s unique collaborative design process provides information & support that encourages her clients to engage fully throughout the design process. Sigi also teaches natural building workshops that empower her clients to contribute creatively during the construction of their own home. All of Sigi’s projects are designed to function in synchronicity with their environment. Each building relates to seasonal cycles of sun, wind, and rain to provide natural heating and cooling primarily from passive (free!) sources. Her clients enjoy an average 75% reduction in total energy usage compared to conventional buildings. She uses building materials that ensure healthy indoor spaces & minimal environmental impact.
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