Become a LEED Accredited Professional (AP) Homes

The GreenHome Institute is pleased to help you become a LEED AP, whether your interest is project consultation and/or becoming a LEED for Homes Green Rater.

As such, we have laid out a simple pathway for you below and attached the USGBC Guidance Documents to that.

There are many paths to becoming a LEED AP. However, this is the one we advise, and numerous attendees have told us this path works the best and is the easiest.

If you are already a GA, skip parts 2 -5 below.

  1. Become a GHI member – to receive all materials free.
  2. Take our LEED Green Associate course for free (coming soon, not developed yet but contact Brett if you want to get on the list for the next class)
  3. We will get you all enrolled in this for free if you or you company are members
  4. Take the practice exam multiple times until hitting at least 90% in all areas of green
  5. Schedule the real exam following the instructions in the LEED GA handbook listed on page 4 – 6
  6. Once you become a LEED GA, your next step is to take our Understanding LEED For Homes Course
    course (free for members)
  7. Then we have enrolled you in the LEED AP Homes Practice Exam too (free for members)
  8. Take the practice exam multiple times until hitting at least 90% in all areas of LEED for Homes.
  9. Schedule the real AP HOMES exam (See the LEED AP Specialization candidate handbook document pg 4 – 7, 20 – 24 and 34 – 35)
  10. At this time, you now may qualify to become a LEED Green Rater. Learn more here

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