ICCF Community Homes Initiative nets GreenStar Homes Renovation Certifications

Give a summary of the project
“This program is focused on revitalizing and restoring homes to families in our neighborhood, preserving these properties for affordable housing. It began with a purchase of 213 housing units in fall of 2017, something unprecedented in ICCF’s long history. ” From a sustianability standpoint the project works with a GreenStar Assessor to complete a Home Energy Score and GreenHome Inspection test in of a majorty of their homes prior to work being done. From there after the work is completed on the house the assessor returns to rescore the home and ensure the green items are corrected. More homes are being scored and certified through out the years and will be updated here.

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Give us success stories as well as lessons learned
Many unique challenges exist to that came at this project all at once. First you have a major labor shortage and a huge demand for services in the trades with a learning curve they may need to overcome. Second, besides trying to make the house look nice and livable they had to implement sustainability standards that while are not in ordinary are still outside of traditional house flips and 3rd you have a massive shortage of affordable housing meaning a rush to get work done. ICCF tradionally works on large multifamily housing and new construction single family so while they are no stranger to construction, housing flips were a new territory for them. As such GHI and the GreenStar Assessor David Meeder worked with them dilligently overtime to improve their workscopes and product selection as well as insulation practices to get them up to GreenStar standards. Sometimes the first few projects just didn’t make it due to everything being new and the focus being mainly get people into homes. The ICCF has been great in that they learned a new lesson from each home and applied to the next one to make it even better.
Energy Conservation Stratagies 
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Project Team Details 

Chris Hall – Project Manager Inner City Christian Federation
GreenStar / Home Energy Score Assessor: David Meeder

Project Basics 

Project Type: Single Family Renovations

Project Certification Details 

Certification Program: GreenStar Certified Renovation
Level: Certified
Home Energy Score 5+ / 10

Number of Homes GreenStar Certified: 12

GreenStar™  FACTS