LEED for Homes Virtual Green Rater Training

With over 2 million LEED® for Homes™ registered spaces worldwide, LEED is the international rating system to ensure better residential buildings. LEED requires third-party on-site verification and performance testing by a LEED Green Rater, and demand is growing. Now, residential and mixed-use projects of any size can go under the LEED for Homes rating system. If you’re interested in filling this need as part of USGBC’s LEED for Homes Green Rater program, this training is for you!

The LEED for Homes Green Rater Training is designed to prepare qualified participants to provide verification services on LEED for Homes projects.

We have monthly introductory courses you can register for below to learn more about the course and the process, or there is an on-demand training you can join below any time to learn more about the process.

Review the 10 steps to becoming a LEED Green Rater 

Review the USGBC application here 

Note GBCI States you Must “Have at least three years of relevant onsite work experience in the construction industry.” 

If you need clarification on your experience, contact greenrater@usgbc.org  and send them your resume with details to confirm. 

If you need help with experience, we might be able to assist you with this. Contact Brett.Little@greenhomeistitute.org

To become a LEED Green Rater, you must have a “Have a thorough understanding of basic building science in the areas of 

  1. building envelope
  2. heat transfer
  3. moisture transfer
  4. air transfer

At least one CEU demonstrates this for each of these items.

Certified HERS Raters, ASHRAE professionals and/or BPI professionals already meet this requirement. 

Before taking this step, it is important to understand that an energy rater must be involved in a LEED project. If you need an energy rater to partner with, we can find one for you; however, in many countries, one may not be available.

Therefore, you might want to consider becoming an energy rater next, which qualifies you for this prerequisite requirement.

Please review this addendum to energy rater requirements if you are outside of the United States, called Qualified Energy Professionals https://www.usgbc.org/leedaddenda/10443

We provide you with multiple paths to help you achieve this; some will take longer than others and delay you becoming a LEED Green Rater, but it may be your best opportunity. 

Pathway 1 – Attend our 4-hour on-demand building science webinars 

If you do not intend to be a qualified energy rater and have one you are working with, then this pathway is for you. You can gain a basic understanding by taking the GHI 4 course on building science CEU training here

This training is free for GHI members, and you can learn more about becoming a member here. 

Pathway 2 – Take the online virtual on-demand HERS Rater Training 

If you intend to be a qualified energy rater on your projects, this longer pathway is for you, but it will take more time. You can learn more about the HERS Rater Certificate Training here, but note GHI will set you up for this training by contacting Brett.Little@greenhomeinstitute.org. Once you complete this course you will be able to continue on your LEED Green Rater journey. Note for those of you outside the US: the onsite mentoring portion of this training is only required if you plan to do blower door, duct blaster, and/or ventilation system testing. 

This training is discounted by 5% for GHI members, and you can learn more about membership here. 

Pathway 3 – Contact USGBC to determine if you qualify for this step in the process 

If you need clarification on your experience, contact greenrater@usgbc.org and send them your resume with details on your building science training to confirm. 


Optional: Become a GHI member – https://greenhomeinstitute.org/becomeamember/ to receive free materials and training.

Take our GHI LEED Green Associate course here – Free for GHI members.

Get enrolled in https://www.gbes.com/leed-green-associate-exam-prep/ for free if you or your company are members of GHI 

Take the practice exam multiple times until hitting at least 90% in all areas of green.

Schedule the real exam following the instructions in the LEED GA handbook listed on page 4 – 6 – $250.00 – This can be done in person or virtually.

You must maintain your credential with 15 CE hours every two years. Free relevant CEUS for GHI members are available live and on-demand to help you.

Once you become a LEED GA, your next step is to take our Understanding LEED For Homes Course course (free for members)

Then enroll in the GBES LEED AP Homes Practice Exam too (free for members)

Take the practice exam multiple times until hitting at least 90% in all areas of LEED for Homes.

Schedule the real AP HOMES exam (See the LEED AP Specialization candidate handbook document pg 4 – 7, 20 – 24 and 34 – 35) – $350.00 – This can be done in person or virtually.

You must maintain your credential with 30 CE hours every two years. Free relevant CEUS for GHI members are available live and on-demand to help you.

You are here now on this course. You may begin now at any time and start completing your online self-paced modules.

Course cost is $1000 for Non-Members & $750.00 for GHI members | Group Buy Discounts and partner discounts are available.

This class requires the purchase of the live reference guide https://www.usgbc.org/resources/web-based-reference-guide – $99

All Students will

  • Watch training videos online for each LEED Category on your time during the training period. These must be completed before the live course.
  • Complete a LEED checklist workbook based on an example project
  • Discuss questions with students and the instructor on an online chat forum in regard to each of the LEED categories/credit
  • Complete all videos, assignments, and discussions by the last day, and then take a practice quiz

Learning Objectives

  • Define the responsibilities of a LEED Green Rater in each phase of the project
  • Manage and conduct verification activities
  • Effectively use the LEED v4 Homes and Multifamily Workbook
  • Identify the location key resources

Continuing Education –  15 Hours (includes modules) 

  • BSI Verifiers – 15 hours
  • GBCI / LEED AP Homes – 15 hours only
  • BPI:  8.5 CEUs
  • SARA
  • AIA/HSW*
  • Certified GreenHome Professional – 15 hours
  • AIBD*

This live training is part of this LEED Green Rater Course from GreenHome Institute. These trainings are held based on your availability. You can confirm the training date that works for you once you complete the modules in step 6. Individual 1 to 1 training is only available to GHI members.

Nonmember training will be scheduled four times a year based on demand. We will announce the next training here soon. 

Take the exam here LEED Green Rater Exam | U.S. Green Building Council the fee is $45.00, and you must register under your GBCI account.

Review the application here and gather these documents to submit to Greenrater@Gbci.org


Green Rater Agreement Signed 

GHI Certificate of course completion

GBCI LEED Green Rater Exam Certificate 

Wait one month for a response after the submission

Having a mentor is optional but highly advised, especially for high-stakes projects such as those involved in tax credits, building code requirements, utility incentives, or very demanding clients.  GHI may assist you with this. Every two years, you must submit basic details showing your involvement in two projects that are LEED registered. They may be the same projects.

Course Agenda 

Module # Title Time (mins) 
Module 1 Introduction to the Course 26
Module 2 Getting Started & Course Resources 22
Module 3 LEED Delivery Team & Green Rater Tools and Role 32
Module 4 Innovation (IN) 26
Module 5 Integrative Process (IP) 18
Module 6 Location & Transportation (LT) 39
Module 7 Verification Stage & Sustainable Sites (SS) 54
Module 8 Water Efficiency (WE) 42
Module 9 Materials and Resources (MR) 33
Module 10 Energy and Atmosphere (EA) 60
Module 11 Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) 33
Module 12 Regional Priority and Final Submittals 49
Live Session Exam prep and homework review 180

Continuing Education –  15 Hours (includes modules) 

GBCI / LEED AP Homes – 15 hours only

BPI:  8.5 CEUs

Building Science Institute (BSI) Verifier


NARI Green

Certified GreenHome Professional



*May be applicable to your local state-based design or contractor license

Bonuses! – Looking to become a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Verifier? This is one pathway to get qualified for that credential.

All trained LEED green raters are qualified to be GreenHome Inspectors and DOE Home Energy Score Assessors.


Brett Little – Education Manager 

Brett has served at GHI since 2011 and since then has helped oversee the LEED for Homes program ensuring certification over nearly 10,000 units across 100’s projects. Brett helps to instruct or moderate education sessions that are both online and in-person, frequently conducting more than 50 per year. He serves as a LEED for Homes Green Rater on small, affordable housing projects in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Additionally, he helps administer Enterprise Green Communities on Low-income Housing Projects across the Midwest region. 


Q. Before taking this course, do I need to be a LEED AP first?  

A. No, but you will need to become a LEED AP within six months of taking the course, or you will be required to retake the course at an additional fee. GHI highly advises you first to become a LEED GA, then LEED AP, and then take this Green Rater Course. We have outlined an easy step-by-step pathway for you to do so here https://greenhomeinstitute.org/become-a-leed-accredited-professional-ap-homes/

Please note LEED AP specialties such as O+M and others do not qualify only Homes or BD+C. LEED AP legacy does not qualify.

Q. Do you provide the final Green Rater Exam, and how long do I have to take it?  

A. The final LEED Green Rater Exam is not managed nor developed by the GreenHome Institute but by GBCI. This exam will be an additional fee for you paid to GBCI. We encourage you to reserve the rest of the day after the class to finish the exam. Please do not wait, as many who do, never take it. You have six months to complete your exam; if you do not, you must retake our course.

Q. Is this a training on the LEED for Homes Rating system credits and requirements? 

A. Yes and no. To succeed in this class, you should have some exposure to the general LEED rating system and how it works. This class aims to know how to verify LEED requirements, not necessarily know all the details of designing and building a LEED Home. Please attend our 4-hour on-demand LEED for Homes Course before taking this course if you are not already a LEED AP Homes. This course is free for all GHI members.

Q. After paying the course fee to GHI, are there any other payments I need to make to pass this course?  

A. Yes, the course fee will not include a few other things you need

  1. You will need access to the LEED Credit Library at $99 a year, which is also needed for the exam and to be an active rater https://www.usgbc.org/resources/web-based-reference-guide
  2. You will need to purchase the final exam from GBCI for $45.00
  3. You may need to pay for LEED GA and AP preparation, study, and exam fees if you are not an AP already
  4. You may need to pay for building science education (See step 2 above) and/or fees to become a rater

Q. What if the time available for the live portion of the course does not work for me? 

A. For an additional $1,000 ( $500 members), you can schedule a course anytime you wish, on your time, with respect to the instructor’s calendar. Also, courses will typically be scheduled every other month, depending on the demand for the class. Contact Brett.Little@greenhomeinstitute.org

Q. I have an active LEED project that I need to get trained on now. What do I do? 

A. GHI can provide you a LEED Green Rater for your project, and you may go through the training and be mentored on that project simultaneously. Contact us for details and pricing as each project is unique. Use this form LEED for Homes Project Inquiry – GreenHome Institute

Q. What technology do I need to take this course? 

A. You need an internet connection, a traditional browser, speakers, and a device that can run Excel or an application that can run Excel. You must be able to fill out this LEED workbook.  This requires version 7 of Excel or higher for PC and 2011 for MACS. You must be able to have a browser that supports the thinkific platform.

Q. Are there any required live sessions during this course period? 

A. Yes, there is one 3-hour mandatory monthly live course that is online. If you miss it you can attend the next time as more will be scheduled OR you can schedule a personalized meeting at any time with the below choices.

We can schedule personal training whenever our trainer is available for an additional $1,000. However, that fee can be waived if the training is used as a real LEED project plan review when you obtain GHI as your LEED H provider. We also have personalized trainings for large companies training 3 or more at one time.  Contact Brett.Little@greenhomeinstitute.org

Q. If I take the personal training, when do I schedule it?

A. We will work together to find a time that meets both our schedules right away.

Q. Do I qualify for a 5% or 10% Discount on the course? 

A. There are two ways to do this. This includes Bulk purchase of 3 tickets (5% discount) or 5 + tickets (10%) OR an affiliate partner may have a code for you, or your LEED for Homes Provider has a coupon code for you to use. Please ask them. Also, if you are a HERS rater, you can contact your HERS provider for the code.  Check with your local chapter of USGBC, AIA, NARI, HBA, AIBD as well as they may have a code for you!

Q. I am not proficient in English. Can someone come in to help translate for me at no extra cost? 

A. Yes. If you need a translator, they can get in for free as long as they know they will not get the credential.

Q. Can I be a LEED O + M or Legacy LEED AP only to qualify?

 A. No

Q. What is this course rated? What are others saying about this course? 

  A. This course is rated 4+ out of 5, and here are the course survey results 

Q. Can I pay by check?

A. Yes, we will send you an invoice, but we are requesting it be a bank-to-bank payment ( we can show you how) to avoid physical mail during the outbreak

Q. I can’t make it to this event, but will there be more? 

 A. Yes. Please keep checking back on this page for updates and get on our mailing list. Email Brett.Little@greenhomeinstitute.org to learn more. We usually schedule every other month.

Q. What is the refund policy?

A.  The 100% refund is being granted minus the $50 processing fee if you have not completed any modules on the course.  Once you start the course, the refund will % will be based on the % of the course you have completed.  However, you will be allowed to roll overall fees and take the following month’s course at no additional cost if you miss this month.  At any time, you may transfer 100% of the remaining refund to other GHI courses or programs as well.  Refunds are on a case-by-case basis, so please reach out quickly if you have a concern.

Q. How Long is the course? 

The course is made up of 3 parts in 15 hours total.

  1. On-demand video modules 7.23 hours
  2. Discussion questions and homework during modules 4.75 hours
  3. Live virtual course 3 hours