Racine LEED home shows Modern Minimalism is Green

certified another LEED Platinum home in Wisconsin that features a picture-perfect location on Lake Michigan’s west shore in Racine, Wisconsin. The Scekic-Osborne home is a three-bedroom, 1900 square foot home — an example of the recent trend of home sizes retreating to more reasonable levels rather than the McMansions of yesteryear. The home, designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects of Milwaukee, mixes modern architecture with a growing design trend known as “micro architecture,” which places a premium on petiteness, design and sustainability.

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Training: Advanced Air Sealing and IAQ Issues

Are you ready for the huge growth expected in retrofitting millions of American homes? Discover the latest techniques in the residential retrofit market to hone your skills and differentiate yourself from competitors, in this class to be offered in Evanston and Riverdale next month.

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