A Journey to Passive House & LEED – Homeowner's tale – Free Webinar

A virtual tour of high performance green building practices through the design and construction of Sam Pobst’s new registered LEED on track for Platinum Home as compared to the German Passive House Standards.

The challenges of building a Passive House in America and conflicting design priorities make the Passive House standards difficult, but not impossible to meet.  This presentation will discuss the choices made in the design of this home that fell just short of meeting the PH standards.

Find out why you might want to go the extra mile. 


Sam Pobst BO+M, BD+C, and ID+C, LEED Faculty is the founder of Eco Metrics LLC, a national coalition of green building consultants with expertise in diverse areas of green building specialties, collaborating to advance sustainable building practices.

 Sam has a degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University, with 40 years of experience in the commercial construction industry.  He was a founding member of the US Green Building Council West Michigan Chapter, serving two terms as Chair, and is Past Chair of the USGBC Heartland Regional Council.  He is a licensed contractor in the State of Michigan.

Sam has consulted on over 25 LEED projects, and has just completed construction on his own registered LEED®  home.  For more information visit http://www.ecometrics.biz/index.htm

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