Clean Energy Credit Union Clean Energy For All Reduces Barriers

The Clean Energy Credit Union funds Green Home Improvements, Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Solar Power, Electric Vehicles, and E-Bikes.

GreenHome Institute Members are automatically Clean Energy Credit Union Members and can benefit from this financing to improve your home or new construction project.

Their new Clean Energy For All program reduces the interest rate on loans for borrowers who identify as BIPOC or may live in specific income-qualified communities nationwide. This program also helps people who have lower credit scores qualify.

Eligible items you can fund to improve your home or project include but are not limited to, Home Energy Ratings, Energy Monitoring, Windows, Insulation, Air Sealing, Cool Roof, Heat Pumps, Thermostat, Duct Sealing, Heat Pump Water Heater, Lighting, Electrical Upgrades, Energy Star Appliances and more. Learn more and review the full list here.

To get access to these financial benefits, first, become a GreenHome Institute Member, and then you may be able to apply for these funds and/or open accounts and CDs at the Clean Energy Credit Union.

If you live in Michigan, you may also consider the Michigan Saves Program, which offers competitive financing for all these measures, including healthy home upgrades and lead removal. Learn more here

Inflation Reduction Act Incentives also may apply to many of these items you finance, so learn more about them here.

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