Earth Day Tour: Ravenswood Single Family Home

Tour a green home in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood on Earth Day!  This LEED single-family home is attempting to obtain 93 points for a LEED Gold rating and features some interesting and unique features.
Earth Day 2010 – LEED for Homes project tour
The previous house on the site was “deconstructed“, taken apart piece by piece and donated so that materials like lumber and sheathing can be used in building projects elsewhere.

Some of the special features include a geothermal heating/cooling system with radiant floors, a rainwater cistern that collects all roof run-off for irrigation, advanced air sealing and insulation techniques, and framing that helps minimize the lumber used. The structure is sized to account for the actual loading to avoid using more lumber than needed. Even the curved roofs are made from 12″ deep trusses spaced 24″ o.c.

Some other great features will include salvaged fir flooring and wood trim, the soy-based closed cell foam insulation, and a whole house HEPA filter. The house will have over 90% of the light fixtures Energy Star rated.
Rigid foam insulation covers the exterior sheathing to provide a better thermal break and help seal the house. The LEED for Homes Green Rater will verify this with blower door testing performed before drywall to show us the actual condition of the house, and identify any needed improvements while the walls are open and accessible. Another blower door test will be performed upon completion of the house.

The mechanical system was engineered to help balance the system well. The owners also intend to have a solar hot water system installed for their domestic hot water use.

Tour this Ravenswood home under construction as the framing stage wraps up. See examples of advanced framing techniques on Earth Day, Thursday April 22 from 2:00 – 3:00. Reserve your tour spot now.

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