(June 30, 2022, Grand Rapids, MI) — The GreenHome Institute (GHI) today announced its YouTube channel has reached 10,000 subscribers. The GHI channel focuses on information related to building more energy-efficient, healthy green housing.

“We consider 10,000 subscribers a significant milestone in our outreach efforts,” said JoséReyna, Executive Director in making the announcement. “More people today are thinking about the impacts of climate change and the escalating costs of heating and cooling their homes over time. We are proud that the information we provide about energy efficient and healthy homes is reaching a growing audience.”

Buildings represent 40 percent of U.S. energy consumption annually, with residences alone encompassing up to 21 percent of that figure. Sustainable homes are designed and constructed to be as energy efficient, or energy neutral, and healthy as possible.

GreenHome Institute’s YouTube videos are hosted by GHI Program Manager Brett Little, who gives housing professionals and consumers alike a behind-the-scenes look at the makings of sustainable housing, whether it’s single-family homes, multi-family or mixed-use construction, new or renovated. Little speaks with architects, builders, homeowners, tenants, energy raters and others with direct experience in energy-efficient, net-zero homes. All GHI YouTube videos are eligible for continuing education (CE) credits for builders.

“We want to thank our YouTube subscribers for signing up and encourage them and everyone interested in healthy, green homes to enjoy and share the GHI channel,” Brett Little said. “We look forward to providing more information and personal insights into healthy green homes in the months and years ahead.”

More information about Green and Healthy housing is available at

The GreenHome Institute, a DBA of the Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (AES) is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to empower people to make healthier and more sustainable choices in the renovation and construction of the places we live.

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