Platinum LEED Homes use 51% less heating energy

Initial results from an analysis of LEED Platinum homes certified by the Alliance shows projects located throughout the Midwest use half as much energy as the typical baseline home.

Performance of LEED Platinum homes vs Baseline homes

From January through April, participated in the Intern InMichigan, Internship Initiative. which provided a grant to fund an intern that helped collect data for research on an Energy Efficiency LEED™ for Homes Case Study. The research compiled information from computer modeling of 150 LEED-certified projects that were located in the Midwest from climate zones ranging as far south from Cincinnati to as far north as Minneapolis. The Data shows that Platinum LEED certified projects potentially use 51% less heating energy in pre-occupancy than baseline average homes measured by the same modeling system.

Of course, pre-occupancy energy modeling is only part of the picture. This data is part of a larger research project being undertaken by . We are looking to release information based on project computer modeling results of LEED for Homes.  Check back with our Website at a later date for more information based post-occupancy use, cost of gas and electric for different certification levels and overall performance for LEED homes.

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