Public comment for the next LEED, and new ID credits

LEED has had its share of detractors lately whether it be concerns over post-occupancy performance, alignment with ENERGY STAR version 3, collaboration with Passive House, or the impact of green buildings on human health. There are many voices that have talked about ways to improve the LEED for Homes rating system.

Now, those looking to shape the future of green building have through the end of the year to make their voices heard.  All versions of LEED, including LEED for Homes, will be finalized in 2011, due to launch in just over a year at the beginning of 2012.

Here are the details:

Public Comment: LEED Rating System Development is now under way for all LEED Rating Systems, including LEED for Homes, with 1st public comment period open from now until January 14, 2011

Pilot Credits: Pilot Credits 9 & 28-38 are Homes credits currently in public comment, but also available for any project team’s immediate use through the Pilot Credit Library as ID credits on your active projects. Please note, in order to use Pilot Credits, the project team must register in advance of certification submission. It will then be reviewed like other ID credits during your project’s certification review.

These specific pilot credits for LEED for Homes and LEED Midrise include:

  • Pilot Credit 9: Open & Connected Community
  • Pilot Credit 28: IP – Trades Training
  • Pilot Credit 29: LT – Housing and Jobs Proximity
  • Pilot Credit 30: LT – Alternative Transportation
  • Pilot Credit 31: SS – Heat Island Reduction
  • Pilot Credit 32: WE – WaterSense for New Homes
  • Pilot Credit 33: EA – Performance of ENERGY STAR for Homes (ESv3)
  • Pilot Credit 34: MR – Design for Adaptability
  • Pilot Credit 35: EQ – Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  • Pilot Credit 36: EQ – Compartmentalization
  • Pilot Credit 37: EQ – Balancing of Heating & Cooling Distribution Systems
  • Pilot Credit 38: PF – Advanced Utility Tracking
  • Since LEED is a consensus-based standard, it is up to you as professionals, practitioners, vendors, or other interested parties to provide comments during the public comment period to help shape the future. Add your voice and help shape the future of LEED.

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