LEED for Homes Myth #2: Documentation Requirements

How difficult is it to document a LEED for Homes project? Many people are familiar with LEED projects done under the commercial rating systems, such as Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) or New Construction, now known as Building Design and Construction (BD+C). Or perhaps you have heard about the large binders of documentation that a project team has to assemble and submit to the USGBC for review and final LEED certification.

LEED for Homes requires less documentation than other LEED rating systems

If you think LEED for Homes has equally difficult documentation requirements, think again.  The reality is that documenting a LEED for Homes project is quite simple.  The main submission is a small packet of pre-formatted documents, the LEED for Homes Project Checklist, which are generated from a single MS Excel file with multiple tabs for different submission information. Best of all, the forms are bundled together in the one single Excel file. Read more