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Renae Hesselink Muskegon Homeowner goes solar!

Renae Hesselink is the first in West Michigan homeowner to sign up for the program and just completed her panel install Monday May 19th. Renae served as the past Chair of the US Green Building Council West Michigan (USGBCWM) and is a local sustainability leader.

Tell us about the processRenea Headshot & Solar Pv

“Finally after months of waiting, mostly due to the weather, Srinergy along with a local electrician team has  installed the 5Kw solar system on my home. I will be sharing the entire journey soon. I will have access via the web to see what my panels are generating by hour, by day, by week, month, annually. My goal is to help educate the many people out there that solar does work in Michigan and it is affordable. It should produce nearly the amount of electricity that I use on an annual basis with a return on investment”

“I turned on my solar panels around 5:00 p.m. on May 23rd – that was roughly 25 days ago. To date it has produced 554.9 Kwh an average of 23+  Kwh per day. From mid-April until Mid-May I used 434 total Kwh of electricity.  This system has produced above and beyond what I will use in a month’s time for sunnier months so far.”SOLAR PV Muskegon New

What is the Pay back? 

“My Solar PV will have an estimated return on investment of close to 10 years, increase my home value and allow me to take part in the sustainability movement to get away from fossil fuels”.

What about your home energy use?

Before going solar Renae worked with to get home energy audit and a Residential Energy Performance Score and is currently looking at ways to improve her energy efficiency and comfort.

Renae currently is the Vice President of Sustainability at Nichols in Muskegon and is exploring this application for their corporate headquarters and distribution centers.

Stay tuned for case studies 

Here is a photo of the first panel going up







West Michigan Solar PV – 0 Down in Upfront Costs – Qualification Form

MI Solar Works is collaborative across the state to lower the barriers of financing and funding of  solar PV projects by offer no up front cost loans.

We are shifting the debt from the utility company  to affordable & low cost solar loans.

                               MI SOLAR Post Card

Our Goal: 6,000 solar roofs in Michigan with 1,000 in West Michigan by the end of 2014.

Who can participate?

  • Existing Homeowner’s
  • Existing Business Owner’s
  • Planned building and home renovations & rehabs
  • New Construction of residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

Residential New Construction & Existing Homes 

3 – 5 KW Systems Available – Learn more

Commercial New Construction & Existing Buildings 

5 – 100 KW Systems Available – Coming Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financing – MI Saves – 7% unsecured loan available* Learn More

*Other Options for Financing do existing with potentially lower rates, ask your local bank or credit union, refinancing under 203k Loans and/or home equity loans or lines of credit.

Everyone is doing it.  Renea Hesselink, VP Sustainability at Nichols –  5kw Solar Pv Installed in Muskegon

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Please sign up below for a free assessment to see if you qualify.