Building Deconstruction Workshop – Fri June 18

Many LEED for Homes projects use deconstruction. Come to an affordable ($25.00!) full-day workshop that will examine new business and employment opportunities springing up in Northern Illinois and nationally connected with the growing movement toward deconstruction and reuse of building materials.

Building Community Assets through Deconstruction and Material Reuse
9AM – 3 PM on Friday, June 18th, 2010
University Center of Lake County, Grayslake Campus

The presenters will explain how this “green” technology is influencing the design, construction and remodeling of residential and public housing, schools, hospitals, public facilities and commercial and industrial real estate and share their real-world experience in the field. The session will also engage participants in determining the role local government, non-profits, community institutions and real estate and building professionals can play in creating a positive business climate for deconstruction and building material reuse Lake County. Lunch will be provided.

Who Should Attend?

* Nonprofit economic development, workforce and job training representatives
* Developers, builders, contractors and real estate professionals
* Government officials, mayors, trustees and elected officials
* City planners, planning commissioners, building deparments

Register Now!
$25 per attendee. Lunch will be provided.

For more information contact: Dara Reiff, CLC Sustainability Coordinator at (847) 543-2643 or email:

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