GreenHomes Certification 101

Making Sense of GreenHome Certifications & Labels 101

When it comes to building, remodeling, designing or developing GreenHome's that are above code, there are many different  labels to choose from.  Each greenhome certification comes with different requirements, opportunities, costs, 3rd party oversight and tools and resources to guide you.Image for GreenHome 101

Which is right for you and your clients? 

In this session we will help you make sense of the different GreenHome certification labels by comparing and contrasting LEED for Homes, National Green Building Standard, GreenStar Homes, Green Communities, Passive House, DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, Energy Star for Homes and the Living Building Challenge.  We will look each system individually and then together through the lens of cost, 5 key categories, 3rd party oversight requirements, popularity, growth, changes and even political affiliations. You will also learn which programs apply best to different building types; Single/ multi family, mid rise, rehabs, remodels and additions and new construction across market and rate and affordable housing will all be discussed.

Are you ready for constantly changing energy & green codes, the expanding of the new Green MLS and the growth of the 80 billion dollar residential greenhome market? 

Learning Objectives

•Be able to articulate the difference between the MPG Home Energy programs such as HERS, HES and EPS
•Understand how to utilize one certification program to achieve another
•Know the basics of and how to compare/contract LEED, NGBS,Green Communities, GreenStar, Living Building Challenge, Passive House and Energy Star.
•Know where to get more resources, training and tools to succeed in Health, Welfare and Safety and GREEN  in your next residential  project

Instructor - Brett Little, Executive Director @ GreenHome Institute LFA, LEED APH, GHP

Continuing Education  - 2 Hours 

  • GBCI, AIA - LU|HSW, NARI - Green, MI Contractor & Architect (Code & Green)
  • If you need continuing education units for a license in another state, this course may apply. Please consult your state's requirements.

This webinar is free to review. If you are interested in continuing education credits, you must follow the following steps:

1. Watch the Webinar
2. Access the Hand Outs and Resources
3. Complete the 10 question quiz below the video
5. Pay member/non member fee on session 2 page
6. Receive certificate of completion within 3 - 4 weeks.


Quality Assured HVAC Training – ESV3 – High Performance Professional

QAD HVAC ESV3 AE has Partnered with Advanced Energy To help  HVAC contractors Qualify as High Performance Home leaders. Those installing systems in ENERGY STAR qualified homes are need to ensure are properly trained and qualified to perform HVAC QI services, EPA is requiring that contractors:

  1. Document that they possess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools (e.g., through training, work experience, and/or company policies) to effectively deliver the services required in the ENERGY STAR HVAC QI checklist; and
  2. Be credentialed and subject to oversight/quality assurance by an independent, third-party organization.

 Cost: $100 - $350 depending on location*

Other Fees (1/2 - 1/3 the cost of ACCAs program)

  • $199 Application Fee
  • $299 per year renewal fee
  • $35 per job up to 50 jobs
  • less for more than 50 jobs

Why Become Qualified High Performance Energy Star Version 3 Contractor


  • Scalability – whether you are working on one house or 5,000, our program offers scalability to fit your needs.  The primary fee associated with our program is a per-unit quality assurance review process, meaning that you only pay for what you use.
  • Technical assistance – if you find yourself struggling while out on an install or designing a duct system, Advanced Energy is here to help you.  As a participating contractor, you have easy access to the technical resources you need to ensure quality work on your ENERGY STAR installations.
  • Contractor development – our program is more than just a certification, we strive to make you better. If you think your business could use some additional help, or if the program's standards are not being met, hands-on training and consulting will be provided by program staff to get you up to speed. We can also help you put the policies and procedures into place to ensure quality installation to help you continue working on ENERGY STAR jobs.
  • Streamlined ENERGY STAR quality assurance process - we have automated the reporting process making it quick and easy to track your progress and view all of your ENERGY STAR jobs in one place.
  • Click here to view or download our Program Brief for HVAC Contractors.

HVAC Quality Installation Oversight Organizations (H-QUITOs) are the EPA-recognized independent, third-party oversight organizations that establish the required credentialing programs and provide oversight/QA activities for HVAC contractors who install systems in Version 3 ENERGY STAR qualified homes.


Event Title / Location

Mon, Apr 29, 2013
8:15 AM - 5:15 PM
Quality Assured HVAC Training - ESV3 - High Performance Professional 
WARM Training Center
Detroit MI
Tue, Apr 30, 2013
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Energy Star Version 3 for HVAC Contractors - Get Credentialed 
Jackson Systems
Indianapolis IN
Tue, Apr 30, 2013
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Quality Assured HVAC Training - ESV3 - High Performance Professional 
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC)
Madison Wisconsin

What the H-QUITO Does

As an H-QUITO, Advanced Energy is required to:

  • Develop and maintain a credentialing program for qualified contractors;
  • Provide general orientation training for contractors on the ENERGY STAR Version 3 guidelines;
  • Maintain a database and a publicly-available, online list of credentialed participating contractors;
  • Conduct periodic quality assurance of participating contractors;  and
  • Develop and maintain a participating contractor dispute resolution process that includes procedures for investigation of complaints, contractor probation, dismissal, and appeals.

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LEED and Living Building Challenge Workshops in Illinois

Earn the LEED Green Associate (LEED GA) and/or learn about LEED for Homes in an upcoming workshop!

Mon. May 21 - Bolingbrook, IL - LEED GA: Core Concepts and Strategies
Tue. May 22 - Bolingbrook, IL - HOMES 252: Understanding the LEED for Homes Rating System

Sat. June 2 - Chicago, IL - LEED GA: Core Concepts and Strategies
Sat. June 9 - Chicago, IL - HOMES 252: Understanding the LEED for Homes Rating System

June 21 - 22 - Bolingbrook, IL - HOMES 401:  LEED for Homes Green Rater Training

Mon. June 18 - Chicago, IL - Understanding the Living Building Challenge

LEED for Homes Postcard

Brings LEED Workshops to Wisconsin


The tide is rising and LEED Homes are now experiencing a tremendous growth rate.  To capitalize on this, is offering several workshops in Wisconsin, including a free introductory webinar:

  • April 4: Free Webinar!  Introduction to LEED for Homes  View Recording
  • April 19:  HOMES 252: Understanding the LEED for Homes Rating System (Milwaukee, WI)
  • May 8: HOMES 252: Understanding the LEED for Homes Rating System (Madison, WI)

Visit the pages above for details and pricing. Early bird pricing is available so Register Now!

LEED for Homes Postcard


USGBC Releases Green Homeowner Manual

Green House

In order to assist green building project teams and LEED for Homes project teams, USGBC has produced a LEED for Homes Homeowners Operations and Maintenance
(HOM) Manual.

The HOM Manual was developed to support the LEED for Homes prerequisite AE 1: Education of the Homeowner or Tenant, and to provide tips on maintaining a LEED-certified home. Be sure to read the Project Team Instructions for how to properly use and customize the manual.

The manual is available to all project teams and can assist anyone looking for information on how a home works.

Download the Basic Operations Training manual (AE1.1)

Building Deconstruction Workshop – Fri June 18

Many LEED for Homes projects use deconstruction. Come to an affordable ($25.00!) full-day workshop that will examine new business and employment opportunities springing up in Northern Illinois and nationally connected with the growing movement toward deconstruction and reuse of building materials.

Building Community Assets through Deconstruction and Material Reuse
9AM - 3 PM on Friday, June 18th, 2010
University Center of Lake County, Grayslake Campus Read more