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What were the top 5 residential green building videos for 2022?

This year we saw significant interest in our growing GHI residential green building education channel on youtube.

We hit 11,000 subscribers as people are genuinely interested in building better.

Our top 5 most viewed sessions of the year had heatpumps as a clear winner, with 10’s of 1000’s interested in ducted air source heatpump systems that we discussed in 2 different sessions. Next, there is growing interest in rainwater catchment and use for drinking or other water uses. Lastly, it appears more sustainable types of buildings are still huge in people’s interest as both natural buildings and alternative wall and insulation systems, which fell in our top 5.

So what are the top 5 residential green building videos of 2022?

All About Ducted Minisplits – 38k

Basics of Rain Water Harvesting – 30k

Introduction to Fully Ducted Air Source Heatpumps – 27k

Natural Building in cold, wet climates – 16k

Vapor Barrier, do we really need them? 8.5k

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