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Heat Pumps can be the next AC: A study


Heat pumps can do everything an air conditioner (AC) can and more. So why replace old ACs with the same old AC technology when heat pumps can do better? This idea is quickly moving from concept to reality as a new variable speed heat pump (VSHP) product class emerges. Variable speed heat pumps (VSHPs) are […]

Solving Performance Demands Using Wood Fiber Insulation – Free CE webinar

Wood fiber insulation is now being produced in America. Learn how wood fiber insulation can help provide high performance above grade insulation products to create wind-tight, vapor-open assemblies offering stable, long term R values, improved temperature stability, and robust sound protection. A review of current insulation available today and an introduction to wood fiber insulation […]

Do you want to become a LEED Green Rater?

With over 2 million LEED® for Homes™ registered spaces worldwide, LEED is the international rating system to ensure better residential buildings. LEED requires third-party on-site verification, and performance testing by a LEED Green Rater, and demand is growing. Now residential and mixed-use projects of any size can go under the LEED for Homes rating system. […]

Join us at the Grand Rapids New Home and Remodel Show

DeVos Place 303 Monroe Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

GreenHome Institute will exhibit again this coming year at the Grand Rapids New Home and Remodel Show to exhibit and present on the new building code and Inflation Reduction Act tax rebates and credits. Please join us! We will have speaking times up soon. Please purchase your tickets here. Brett Little, our Education Manager, will […]

The Performance Gap: Bridging The Worlds of HVAC and Building Science – Free CEU Webinar


Home performance, at its core, has always been about optimizing residential spaces for utmost comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, high barriers of entry (tool investment, training, time on site) has restricted the adoption of home performance projects to only a small group of homeowners and professionals, and the labor shortage in the residential buildings […]

Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort – Free CE Webinar


Let's meet the author and discuss what is new Residential Energy. The 7th edition is one of the most comprehensive guidebooks available about energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and durability for homes, apartments, and multifamily buildings. We will go over what is new at high level including low-cost cooling, advanced factors affecting insulation, masonry-building insulation […]

Using local permit data to make informed electrification & HVAC contractor selections


Imagine combining building permit data with building inspections, census, topography, weather, and real estate transactions to form the most comprehensive understanding of the building contractor market. Can we take a new approach to determine who is best at delivering electrification project work to make the best choice for contractor selections and help move the marketing […]

Modular housing & Zero Energy Ready – Free CE Webinar


While offsite construction holds much promise, the reality of factory-built housing over the past few decades has seen a focus on least cost, not best performance. How does modular construction deliver like everything-factory-installed market-rate and affordable homes to urban infill and suburban locations. Is modular bucking the trend of using off-site construction to create building […]

Using Building Science Advisor To Determine the Durability of Building Envelope Components – Free CE webinar


The Building Science Advisor (BSA) is a rule-based expert system webtool that was originally developed to assist building professionals to design energy efficient and durable wall systems for new construction. With the present focus being placed on upgrading the existing building stock, a retrofit module has been developed that, based on the location, existing construction, […]

Comparison of Energy Standards Code to Passive house: A Report


Investigating the ability of 12 building standards to deliver resilient, healthy, and efficient buildings. This research project evaluated the impact of different building standards over 50 single-family projects in different US regions, from hot and humid Texas to the cold and dry Rocky Mountains. The intent is to allow building owners, project teams, and policymakers […]