Welcome MN Member More Than A Beautiful Home

More Than A Beautiful Home blends the art of home and the science of better to help you get more from your home without sacrificing beauty.

“Go ahead. Picture your dream home – the bold paint colors, coordinating fabrics, vibrant countertops, polished appliances, and stunning floors.”

They are on a mission to improve the environment by empowering women to create better homes.

“Now, envision a better home. Say good bye to uncomfortably hot or cold rooms, musty smells, drafty windows, ice dams, high utility bills, toxins and chemicals, and wanting to do something better for the environment but not knowing what to do.”

Currently More Than A Beautiful Home sends monthly and relevant, stylish but useful newsletters for homeowner and remodelers with content. You can follow them now or subscribe here. Another unique call to action is the Million Plus 3 Better Home Challenge. Imagine when one million women taking 3 actions each will create better homes and the biggest energy movement the country has ever seen! Take action now!

More than a Beautiful home is ran by Cindy Ojczyk and Christine Bleyhl who are passionate advocates for the marriage of beauty and sustainability. Christine is the former chair of MNGS Technical Committee as of 2013. Cindy, long time voluntary educator for MNGS qualiication training, co-author of GreenStar Certified Green Homes and Remodeling program, owner of Simply Green Design sustainable interior design, and member of the NorthernSTAR Building America team for the U.S. Department of Energy, brings a wealth of experience grounded in research and practical application to her consumer outreach website www.morethanabeautifulhome.com