Holland Partners with GHI for Home Energy Education

The GreenHome Institute trains and executes home energy audits in partnership with the West Michigan Environmental Action Council and with the City of Holland, Michigan.  The City of Holland has recently been undergoing their major community energy plan which involves all sectors improving energy efficiency through residential, commercial, industrial and major municipal utility support. The City of Holland has also been announced as a quarter finalist in the Georgetown Energy Prize in attempt to win 5 million dollars based on competing to improve residential energy use. 
aha_logoGreenHome Institute has be contracted to educate 50 homeowners in Holland on how their homes use energy and give their homes a performance label based on the residential energy performance score. This pilot will help the city assess the best way to help encourage, educate, and genuinely excite their residents to reduce energy, save money, and improve comfort and health. The GreenHome Institute will be giving these MPG-like home energy scores while also assessing homes for water conservation, indoor environmental quality, solar PV energy opportunities, and help with plans for green remodeling if desired. GHI will be provided unique funding opportunities as well to reduce the cost of moderate to deep energy retrofit projects. City of Holland planner Mark VanderPloeg sees the GreenHome Institute as a key partner in achieving their long-term sustainability goals: “In our long-term community energy plan for the city, it is important that we promote an easy to understand ‘miles-per-gallon-like’ rating for a home that has value and recognition in the community and is backed by an affordable, proficient, and easy to understand home energy audit. After a few years of research we believe the GreenHome Institute’s label will provide us with that.” Here are more details about the program in Holland.

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