Greenbuild Affordable Homes Tour: 11/20

Affordable and Green: Greenbuild Legacy Home Project
November 20, 2010
8 a.m.-1 p.m.
Early: Member $45/Non-Member $45
Regular: Member $65/Non-Member $65

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity have been successful in providing affordable housing to families they determine can handle the financial and maintenance obligations of the new homes they build. The anticipated energy and maintenance costs of ownership figure prominently in qualifying potential future homeowners. This project is designed to demonstrate, through the cooperative effort of various local consultants, product manufacturers, and volunteers, the idea of next-generation affordable housing. The combination of durable, long-lasting, sustainable materials will provide a safe, secure and efficient living environment that will substantially reduce maintenance and energy-related operation costs for the designated Habitat for Humanity family. Through this redefining of best practices for affordable housing, more families can be qualified for homeownership through the benefits of reduced ownership costs.

Register under “Green Building Tours” at the official Greenbuild Registration Page.

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